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Submitted on
December 19, 2010
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My name is a secret I dare not to tell
It lays hidden inside every man burning in hell
Like the start of a spiders web I am simple to boast
But as time grows so does the complexity at most
Tangled and darker, harder to say
I eat away at anything that gets in my way
Victim after victim, I slain anyone in my path
From child to mother, you do the math
My mark is a symbol of despair and defeat
I cause hearts to rot and tears to drop at my feet
I float upon whispers from mouth to ear
Reaching to a proportion so large it brings even me fear
To say I start out as one simple sigh
Growing to tales that's impervious to any eye
For my name is evil, worse than gossip itself
Only because I do more than destroy lives by myself
I create the very hole that eats away the heart
Just whisper my name once and I'm bound to start
From a meaningless tale to a wondrous work of art
I would be lying myself to say my name
Isn't a lie within itself
Tangled in a dangerous game

© Kayla Detton, 2009
All rights reserved.
Something I wrote last year that I decided to share.
Love it! You're an amazing poet!
KonEl29 Jan 10, 2011   Writer
I love it! It's sad...
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